Is Alaska on your Bucket List?

For many people, the answer would be a resounding YES!

However, the notion of a "bucket list" conveys the the thought of "kicking the bucket" and a list of unfinished business. A bucket list is almost synonymous with a wish list, a list of wishful thinking that is not attainable in this life time. Or a list of things that can only be accomplished once a many number of other things are done. So those wishes on the bucket list get put off year after year, until one day it may be too late.

​Alaska is a state full of outdoor beauty, and exploring the outdoors requires some physical capabilities and stamina. Want to see that fiery sunset from a high vantage point? That typically requires a good hike up the mountain. Want to fish from the banks of the Kenai River? That may require walking some distance to the spot carrying gear and equipment. Want to hike the Mantanuska Glacier? That may require a hike over uneven terrain for a couple of hours. So come see Alaska while you are fit and healthy so that you can fully take advantage of everything Alaska offers.

Some people visit once and come back every year. Give yourself the gift of time in Alaska. You won't regret it!

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About Gwin's Lodge

Established by pioneers Pat and Helen Gwin, Gwin's Lodge first opened in January 1952, before Alaska was even a state.


They began harvesting logs from the surrounding Chugach National Forest in 1946. Gwin's Lodge is the oldest surviving roadside lodge on the Kenai Peninsula. 


Gwin's Lodge has been an iconic and historic landmark, well-known for delicious home cooking and comfortable lodging. 


Gwin's Lodge is under new ownership and management. The entire property has been renovated and remodeled.


Whether it's fishing, wildlife viewing, sightseeing, scenic or whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, or hiking...  make Gwin's Lodge your Kenai Peninsula recreation headquarters! 


The amazing turquoise blue waters of the Kenai River and the crystal clear waters of the Russian River are home to Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon, King Salmon, Dolly Varden, and Rainbow Trout.


This combined with the breathtaking forest, rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches, and abundant wildlife make the Kenai Peninsula a sportsman's paradise and perfect vacation getaway.