Imperial Fresh whole bulk tomatoes by Sysco deliver fresh tomato flavor for use in burgers, salads, sandwiches and more. Bulk packaging optimizes inventory controls, and quality whole tomatoes increase yields and customer satisfaction. • One 10-pound box packed 5-by-6 a layer per master case • Packaging reduces storage space • Ready to eat or cook • Hand-selected for color, size and firmness • 30 tomatoes per case, varying slightly in size • Around two tomatoes for 1 pound, 1 pound equals 1 1/2 cups of pulp • Each tomato yields an average of seven slices at 3/16-inch per slice • Ideal for slicing to go on burgers or sandwiches, broil to use for a side at breakfast or dinner • Also good for dicing, wedge-cutting or as a recipe ingredient • Prepared and inspected to meet USDA standards • Rinse carefully before use, boil or steam briefly for easy peeling when using as pulp • Best flavor when served at room temperature, tomatoes bruise easily, so handle gently • Store between 60 to 68 F • Contains manufactured on date in the format Pack date: Julian date • Case dimensions are 12.1 inches long by 12.1 inches wide by 12.1 inches high

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10lb of tomatoes

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    Gwin's Lodge

    P.O. BOX 769

    14865 STERLING HWY.



    ALASKA  99572-0769


    mo. 907-398-3987

    Welcome to Gwin's Lodge and Roadhouse!

    About Gwin's Lodge

    Established by pioneers Pat and Helen Gwin, Gwin's Lodge first opened in January 1952, before Alaska was even a state.


    They began harvesting logs from the surrounding Chugach National Forest in 1946. Gwin's Lodge is the oldest surviving roadside lodge on the Kenai Peninsula. 


    Gwin's Lodge has been an iconic and historic landmark, well-known for delicious home cooking and comfortable lodging. 


    Gwin's Lodge is under new ownership and management. The entire property has been renovated and remodeled.


    Whether it's fishing, wildlife viewing, sightseeing, scenic or whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, or hiking...  make Gwin's Lodge your Kenai Peninsula recreation headquarters! 


    The amazing turquoise blue waters of the Kenai River and the crystal clear waters of the Russian River are home to Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon, King Salmon, Dolly Varden, and Rainbow Trout.


    This combined with the breathtaking forest, rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches, and abundant wildlife make the Kenai Peninsula a sportsman's paradise and perfect vacation getaway.

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