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Guided Trips on the Kenai River

Sport fishing is the engine that drives the Kenai Peninsula. Cooper Landing sits on the confluence of two world-class salmon fishing rivers; the Kenai River and the Russian River. Gwin's Lodge is the closest establishment to the river confluence! 

We offer full and half day guided float trips for Salmon and Trout.

Our guide can take groups of four people and the cost is $285 a person for a full day (8 hrs) and $200 for a half day (4 hrs). We provide rods, reels, tackle, waders, and boots. The only thing you need is your fishing liscences and we reccomend bringing polarized glasses and water.

Salmon Fishing

June through September is the salmon season in Cooper Landing, with several distinct runs of different salmon species. These date ranges are approximate, please refer to the Fish & Game regulations prior to fishing.

Sockeye or Red Salmon is what many people come to Cooper Landing to fish. Typically 4-8 lbs, they start out silver in color and develop green heads and red bodies during spawning. 


Sockeyes come up the Kenai River in two distinct runs: the first run, primarily Russian River-bound, begins arriving in mid to late May and continues through June. The late run, which typically begins entering the mouth of the Kenai River in early July, historically peaks the third week of that month.

We can book you a great Sockeye Fishing Guide for your stay

Fisherman holding Coho Salmon
kid and man with coho salmon
man holding coho salmon
man holding coho salmon

In August, it's Silver or Coho Salmon's turn to spawn. At 8-12 lbs, these fish are known for putting up a good fight. They come up the Kenai River from the ocean and split at the confluence, some going up the Kenai River, others going up the Russian River. Spawning silvers develop green-black heads and dark maroon bodies.

We can book you a great Silver Fishing Guide for your stay

King or Chinook Salmon are the larger salmon. They typically reach 40-60 pounds. Mid-May to the end of July is King Salmon season. Fishing for Kings requires a king salmon stamp in addition to your fishing license. Please check current King regulations of where King fishing is permitted.

We can book you a great King Fishing Guide for your stay

Additional River Fishing

In addition to salmon fishing, the Kenai Peninsula rivers are also great places to try for other species of fish like Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. From late August to October are the best times to catch trophy-sized trout, but nearly all year you can come to perfect your form casting for these beauties.

We can book you a great catch and release Trout Guide for your stay

Kenai river trout fishing, Kenai river guided trips, artic char
Kenai River Trout fishing,
Kenai River trout fishing, artic char

Halibut Fishing

Gwin's Lodge is also close to halibut charter operations out of Seward, Homer, or Ninilchik. On Halibut Charters you can also catch King Salmon, Cod, or even Rock Fish. Halibut fishing falls under federal regulations.

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group of guests with caught fish